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Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card is a Yes Bank premium credit card which offers special benefits on online shopping, along with a variety of lifestyle benefits like complimentary airport lounge access, complimentary golf benefits, movie benefits and more.

The card has a minimum income requirement of ₹3 lakh per month (salaried), ₹24 lakhs per year (self-employed).

Pros & Cons of Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card


  • 4.50% on online shopping
  • Complimentary lounge access both in India (6 per quarter) and abroad (unlimited)
  • Complimentary golf rounds (4 per year)
  • Low fee of 1% on international transactions


  • Comparatively lower rewards on offline card spending

Features & Benefits of the Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card

4.50% benefit on online card spending || 2.25% benefit on offline card spending

You get 18 rewards points (Yes Rewardz Points) worth ₹4.50, on every ₹100 you spend on online shopping. You get 9 rewards points (Yes Rewardz Points) worth ₹2.25, on every ₹100 you spend on offline spends.

1 reward point = upto ₹0.25, and can be redeemed for flights, vouchers, products and more.
– On flights & hotel redemptions : 1 reward point = ₹0.25 (25 paise)
– On gift vouchers : 1 reward point = ₹0.10 to ₹0.25 (10 paise to 25 paise)
– Products : 1 reward point = upto ₹0.25 (the value can vary depending on the product)

Restrictions : You can earn a maximum of 1 lakh reward points in a month. This would be breached only if you spend more than ₹5.55 lakhs in a month, even if you do all your spends in the higher earning category of online shopping.

– No reward points are given on the following spends - fuel, rent, wallet loads, all types of EMI transactions, cash withdrawals, card fees & charges.
– Certain select categories earn 1.25% benefit only (5 reward points on every ₹100 card spend), such as utility bills, insurance, government institutions, educational institutions. Please refer to below table for details-




Cable, Satellite and Other Pay Television/Radio/Streaming Services


Utilities—Electric, Gas, Heating Oil, Sanitary, Water


Direct Marketing—Insurance Services


Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums


Insurance Premiums


Schools, Elementary and Secondary


Colleges, Universities, Professional Schools, and Junior Colleges


Schools, Correspondence


Schools, Business and Secretarial


Schools, Trade and Vocational


Schools and Educational Services—not elsewhere classified




Tax Payments


Government Services—not elsewhere classified

Unlimited free visits to international airport lounges

You get unlimited free visits to international airport lounges. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can access these lounges.

This is valid for both primary as well as well as add-on cardholders.

Free visits to airport lounges in India – 6 per quarter

You get free visits to domestic airport lounges, 24 times per year (maximum 6 times per quarter). For list of applicable lounges and other details, please click here.

This is valid for both primary as well as well as add-on cardholders.

Free guest visits to airport lounges (domestic or international)

You can also take your guests to airport lounges, on a complimentary basis-
- Domestic airports - 2 times per quarter
- International airports - 4 times per year  

Complimentary golf – 4 free golf rounds per year (maximum 1 per month) || 1 free golf lesson per month

You get 4 free golf rounds per year (maximum 1 per month). You also get 1 free golf lesson per month.

This program is brought to you in partnership with Visa and Mastercard. For list of applicable golf courses and more details, please click here.

BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) at BookMyShow movies, benefits upto ₹2400 per month

When you buy one ticket, you get up to ₹800 off on the second ticket, through BookMyShow. This offer can be availed maximum 3 times per month.

For more details, please click here.

Low fee (foreign currency markup) of 1% on international transactions

You get low fee of 1% on foreign card transactions. Most cards in the industry (except a few) usually charge around 3.50% fee on international card transactions.

Complimentary insurance benefits

You get a range of free insurance covers :
– Lost card liability of ₹15 lakhs, which protects in case of fraudulent transactions on the cardholder’s card
– Credit shield cover of ₹15 lakhs, which protects dependents from unpaid card bills, in the unfortunate event of the cardholder’s death
– Purchase protection plan : Cover against accidental damage for 6 months, for mobile & electronic devices purchased online

Fuel surcharge waiver, upto ₹1000 per month 

You get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all fuel transactions between ₹400 and ₹5000 only. And only on fuel purchases upto 1 lakh per month, since the waiver amount is restricted to ₹1000 per month.

Some fuel pumps may charge more than 1% surcharge, the monthly waiver would still be capped at ₹1000 in all cases. This benefit is applicable at all fuel pumps across India.

Minimum 15% discount at select restaurants (Dining Fiesta Program)

To view list of restaurants and more details, please click here.

Yes Bank customer care number

You can contact AU Bank 24/7, please click here for details – Yes Bank Customer Care Numbers & Other Contact Details

Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card Fees and Charges

Annual fee

Annual feeAnnual fee offers
1st year joining fee₹9999Welcome offer : You get 60,000 reward points worth ₹15000, as a welcome gift.
Renewal fee from 2nd year onwards₹4999Renewal offer : Annual fee is not charged from the 2nd year onwards, if you spend ₹10 lakhs or more in the previous year

To view all fees and charges and details, please click here – Yes Bank Credit Cards Fees & Charges . Taxes are applicable on all fees and charges, as per existing law.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum agePrimary card member: 20 years
Add-on card member: 18 years
Maximum age60 years
OccupationSalaried or self-employed
Minimum income requirements₹3 lakh per month (salaried) || ₹24 lakhs per year (self-employed)
Credit scoreGood credit score, preferably above 750
LocationOnly available in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Thane and Navi Mumbai

Documents required

Required documents– PAN card copy
– Identity proof : PAN card , driving license, valid passport, voter ID (any one)
– Address proof : electricity bill, phone bill, driving licence, passport, ration card, bank statement, passbook, voters ID, flat maintenance bill, rent agreement (any one)
– Income proof : latest salary slip/s, income tax return etc

Additional documents maybe required on a case-to-case basis.

Application Process

How do I apply for the Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card?

Online application processThe easiest way is to click here – APPLY NOW , you shall be taken to the card application page on the Yes Bank website.

You can also visit official website of the bank and fill out the application form. The bank’s website and mobile app offer a user-friendly interface that makes the application process quick and easy.

Steps :
– To apply, simply provide your personal details, such as your PAN number, mobile phone number, income & emplyment details, , address, along with the other requirements asked for
– Submit the application
Offline (face to face)  application processYou can visit any of the nearest branches of the bank and talk to an executive regarding the process.

How do I track my application status?

You can track the status of your application status by clicking here – Yes Bank credit card application status. You need to enter some personal details such as mobile number and application number, to see the status of your credit card application.